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No idea if any of you are intrested in this
its a bit different and properly good fun.

I built this from scratch (inc mouldings) in 2004 since then i have been inundated with trophys to the point of having cupboards full. the design has since gone into manufacture with vortex services.

couple of stats

has held the 250cc (Formula3) world title since 2006

250cc honda rs250r GP bike engine. 100BHP

weights 140kg

pulls 1.1G in a straight line.

will go from land to water flat out if the transision is favourable.

very capeable of generating brown adrenoline

will reach a good 70mph and still want to fo faster...

07880 926 331

World Title Winning Hovercraft, Honda RS250R engine on eBay (end time 31-Aug-09 19:34:24 BST)

John B
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