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WR500 Need to be in water?

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Do I have to have my WR500 in the water in order to start it?
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Is this a real hard question? Or is it just a dumb question? Maybe this forum is just useless?
yes and no
no ore than 10 seconds on land
Thanks for the response.. It there a way around the 10 second rule? I dont have a manual for this thing so I have no idea where to hook a hose to it or anything. Seems to be in excellent shape however..
nope i would not run it on dry land for more than 10 seconds without water
you need to buy a flush adapter
Could someone better describe the Adapter Mod? I saw a picture with what looked to be a garden hose and adapter. Where does the other end go? Thanks

one on the ski inlet
usually you can put it on the head
post pics of the engine
the engine has a place on the head near the back that says "wash" just bellow this there is a flat heat bolt no larger the 1\2 an inch, is this the inlet? so I just need an adapter that will fit into this thread?

thank u

post pic please
Yamaha Manuals

You can view Yamaha Owners manuals at this webb site: My Yamaha Prompt - Owners Manual. I'm a new PWC owner but as I understand, as long as you are flushing the engine and water is running thru it, you can have the engine running longer.
Unless I'm missing something here, my WR500 has a flush hose that I connect a water hose to when I flush the engine. I let the engine run for at least 5 minutes to flush it.
hey cajun you still got ur wr500 you had any real problems with it
Runnig out of water..

TCARP : I'm new here so i'm just catching up on some of the posts. you didn't get a lot of answers.. And I too was wondering the same thing.. So I did a little research. What we've got here is just like an outboard motor.. It needs a supply of water for cooling. when you flush or run an outboard otu of the water you use one of those earmuffy things that clamps over the water intake ports. On our Yamaha's you can remove the water intake hose on the top front of the motor, it's about 3/8 " so you need some kind of adapter..and all you do is supply water. The motor will fire it out the exhast...
You can but the connections at an academy or jet ski place and it goes into the water hoses in the engine bay. If you run you ski in fresh water there really isn't a reason you will have to flush it out as that is why they don't sell it with the connection.
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