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Recently purchased a 2004 STX-15f, as is, and of-course the engine is toasted.

Missing a few bolts, cylinder / head wear, spun-out crankcase bearing, missing starter etc. Figured i might as well buy another engine.

As i understand any years between 04 and 08 should work. By the way, i am open for an engine swap, just have not seen any information for my model as it already has a relatively big motor.

SBT can send me one for 2k plus 350bucks shipping plus a few parts. SO, if you have one and are willing to make a good deal pls let me know. Maybe someone has pwc with a cracked hull but a good engine.

Parts are so expensive for this motor. $80 a piston, $500 a camshaft, if i had the time i would swap it with a JDM honda civic motor. Talk about fun with cooling and sensor/control management.

Feel free to call -(425)four four four. 4360-

Thanks for any advice.

Keys: stx15f 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 :eek:
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