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Hey PWCForum-goers, new to the site and the pwc scene. Looking to get two skis for the upcoming summer.

  • I'd like both to be year 2000 or newer
  • One ski must be powerful enough that it can be used for watersports, tubing, etc.
  • The other ski can be minimum 800cc and up assuming it still rides well (some of the smaller engine skis can feel underpowered while others are still a load of fun)
  • $9,000 limit total between the two skis. So the division will depend on the skis I come across

I can't see myself paying more than $5,000 for a ski, but other than that I'll consider most everything within a reasonable distance.

(Will not be dealing with any sort of shipping. I will gladly come pick it/them up if a deal is finalized)

I appreciate your responses (hopefully) and look forward to doing business.

Thank you,

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