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X2 Performance!!??????

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hey guys im a newb when it comes to skis......i have a 88 X2 i bought for like 100 bucks and i have it running pretty good now...i had my friend ride beside me and i was topping out at 33 questions are
1. what are my best bolt on mods to help with power and handling?
2. how much more top speed can i expect?
3. if i attach a bulb primer to help with cold starts, where should i install it?

well thankz if anyone knows!!! this is my first post on here....i spent the first 2 hrs letting the ski drag me around because i ddint know how to get was pretty funny everyone at the river was thinkin i was a major squid!!!!

thankz again
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best guy to ask is fletch on pwctoday
he is the X-2 guru
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