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Hi all, i've had a look around and i can see a lot of different suggestions, and tried a few with no luck

My XL700 2001, was bogging really bad, and very hard to use

so i order a carb kit online with new Needle and seats etc.

everything was pretty straight forward. kitted both carbs and refitted everything
and she hasn't ran since

will only run, if i pour fuel into carbs, will start no probs if fed fuel into Carbs

I've checked fuel lines and i have fuel coming in, and if i blow through inlet fuel line, it comes out the outlet.
also checked outlet line, not blocked

replaced filter just in case

removed carb and re-checked all gaskets etc. and i cannot find anything out of place

anything that i should be looking for specifically ?

i did notice when i replaced the needle and seat, they were a little different in the body, but still fit
and also the new diaphragm little knob in the centre were a lot shorter than mine, the ones that came out were raised a lot more

maybe the needle and seat are not lifting?

i'm about to pull carbs off again, to have another look

any advice would be really appreciated
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