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I’ll try to make this short as I can but I have tried so many things to correct this problem I’m at a lost for next steps. Just bought a 2002 xlt 800 at a good deal with known problems. I checked compression and it is 114 and 116. Carbs were rebuilt last year by a mechanic from previous owner but didn’t fix same problem. The problem is it will idle and start fine but at a 1/4 throttle it bogs down and will not get on plane unless I choke it a little. I put a fresh set of plugs in it and did a chop test and found that it is running lean. When it’s on plane it runs great around 56mph with no choke at WOT until you let off throttle then it needs choke again to get on plain. Things iv done.

Took carbs off and apart cleaned everything and reset high and low screw to factory specs.
New fuel filter.
Took sending unit out and checked screen.
Drained fuel just in case and refilled.
Bypass fuel selector to rule out with no change.
Checked for intake leak but didn’t find one.
Adjusted high mix screw out on test runs to try to get it to run fat but could not get it to do so on plug readings even with 2 full turns out in increments of 1/4 each time.

I’m not sure what to try next and need any help I can get.
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