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XP What year is better

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Can anyone tell me their opinion on what motor is better for reliability for surf riding . Also is their a XP Year that is a lot better than the others , i have been told the 97's are the more reliable skis and the fuel injection is rubbish on the newer 02/03 models
Any help greatly appreciated.
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Hey there,

unfortunately not many peole reply to post, therefore I will tell you what I know.

I owned a 98 and 02 XP. I had great luck with both. Yes the 97 may be more reliable because it has the 800cc engine, however it is known for being underpowered for the weight of the ski. Look online for the reviews. The 98-01 are carbureted and have more options for modifications. The 02-03 are fuel injection and more fuel efficient than the carb versions. Some lakes will no longer allow Carb two strokes. The FI are equally fast as the carb in stock form.
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