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Alright, here's the story. I replaced the engine in my 2005 FXHO Cruiser with a complete used engine from a 2004 FXHO. I used all the electronics that came with the new engine except for the guage pod and Y.E.M.S. steering sensor. The engine fired right up, but the beeper sat there blaring at me with the check engine light on. Ran the onboard diagnostic, it told me the steering sensor was malfunctioning. Replaced the 2005 sensor with the 2004 sensor, started the engine, and no beeping. The 05 sensor uses prongs to tell where you're steering, where as the '04 uses a magnent to tell if you're steering or not. I've ran it a couple times at the lake with the sensor just ziptied to the inside fo the ski, and there seems to be no problems. I just want to know if i could run into a problem since the computer thinks im always steering since there isnt the magnet in front of the sensor.
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