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Problem with my Yamaha '06 VX110 @ 72 hours.

Won't rev over 5000 in water but will redline out of water. No blockage in water path.

Looking for help, dealer has 13 boats ahead of mine. Know what's wrong???? Can someone tell me how to test the spark plug ignition coil modules? Could one of them be failing at 5000 to 6500 RPM which is where my VX can't get past in water.

I had read on another blog that you should never fill the oil past half as there is a problem with the design that lets the extra oil get to the air filter, clogging it. I have done a visual on plugs, three look great, one is a little wet or oily but not bad. I filled the oil too high for the first time this year so now I am suspicious. The air filter looks great but you can't see an oil film and I read somewhere else the filter can blind with mold as well.
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