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I regretably didn't winterize this pwc this past winter because it was old but when I went to turn it over in March it cranked after a few tries. A month ago I tried to crank it and the battery wouldn't hold a charge. I bought a new battery and it turned over fine but wouldn't crank. A time or two it sounded like it would crank but no luck. I checked the gas tank. I made sure the gas was on not in the off position. I changed the plugs and gapped them like the previous plugs(.30). I tried so many times that I had to recharge the battery a few times. I tried choking it half way, all the way, and none at all.

It has become me verses the machine! As I anlayzed it, I figured it had to be fuel related. I took off the air filter and tried to crank it with that off. I could not see fuel sprayed in the carburator while cranking. Should I? I followed the lines into the carb back to the engine to see if fuel was coming from there. When I took the lines off of the engine there was a slight dribble off of the engine but not much when attempting to crank.

ANY help or insights would be appreciated. Since it is so old I would hate to trailer it back (1 hour) from the lake to find out that it was minor or that it was too expensive to make it worthwhile getting fixed. I am no engine expert! Thanks!
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