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Hello everyone!

this is my first post, but I'm not new at this forum. I have read a lot of threads, trying to find the answer of our problem. But I didn't manage to find the right answer. And please excuse my poor english, I'm from Norway.

A little history about our Waverunner:
We bought it last year and it didn't take a long time before we got some problems with it. After running it some hours on the river nearby, did the engine die. So we sent it to a professional 2-stroke company, that repaired engines like that. They replaced all three pistons, one cylinder and the reed valves +++. They did also adjust the carburetors and welded a hole in the engine. they did also disable the oil-pump, that most probably caused the problem.
Finally no more problems, we thought. Now did a strange phenomenon occur, the engine cut-off when the engine gets hot. We tried to restart it right after it died, and it started like nothing had happen. It did it more and more often the hotter the engine got.
Then did the engine crash again.. We changed the part ourselves(my dad has worked as a mechanic), then did the engine run smoothly afterwards. But we still got the same problem, the engine cutting off when it got hot.

So here is the actual question:
Does anyone of you guys out there have a clue of what it can be?
the symptoms:
-Engine cutting(like you cut the ignition) when it gets hot. It starts with no problem after the "cut-off".
-The spark plugs goes black(maybe because we use a bit too much oil)
-Cylinder 2 and 3 aren't running as smooth as number 1, maybe because of the spark plugs.
-It does not get hotter than normal
-No warning on the dashboard before the cut-off.

Is it any other information you need just tell me! We have the 66V engine I think(can't remember excactly).

I do really hope you can help me with this problem!:dunno: If someone knows a person I should contact would that also be very nice

Cheers from Norway!:)

Mathias S.
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