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Hopefully someone been through this before and got an answer.
Got an Yamaha waverunner 2007 VX sport 110.
After a day of riding it I all of a sudden got an "check engine light" and motor went to safe mode. I put it up and looked for all of the obvious things like debris and stuff but nothing. After 20 hours of Google and searching I got to this conclusion.

The ski gives me fault code 116.
Should indicate "throttle body closed" if I'm not mistaken. I cleaned all contact and wires and open upp the throttle body. Looks clean and not damaged. If I start it up and continue to give it some throttle it works fine. But after 5 seconds of idle the check engine light comes on again and it goes to safe mode.

Any ideas on how to fix it? Repair shops have no time until a couple of months so I'm kinda desperate 😂
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