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Hey guys I have been riding pwc and all since I was 9 im 13 now and want to get into standup freestyle and all... I do know how to ride a standup I rode a new 2010 superjet with a 701 so im ok i could jump waves and all... It wasn't mine and now I want one so my question is if I get a 650sx square nose would this be a good starter ski for me... I need it to be pretty quick because I want to throw a trim cable on their and start doing backflips barrel rolls etc... But i want to know if this ski will have enough power for all this with out getting it modded like crazy. I may throw a ride plate and some other goodies on their but I really dont want to put a lot into cabs and the motor. Also just in case you want the years im going for 93 and up... Any imput would be great as im already working to go halfers with my dad on a ski and I need to know how much I need to make... thanks Ryan :D
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