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I have a 99 700XL, last weekend I started it up after a long winter, just to get the cobwebs out. I hooked up the garden hose and turned it over, it took a little bit but finally started. I immediately noticed that the water coming out of the back (exhaust area) had droplets of oil in it, I thought it was odd but I thought it may have been due to the length of time it had been sitting (about 6 months), a couple of days later I notice that there is an oil spot, about the size of a half dollar, under the exhaust area, it hasn't gotten any bigger so I can only assume that it leaked the remaining oil that had accumulated when I had it running. Last time I took it out I filled it up with gas/oil but ended up not being able to launch it where we went. About 2-3 weeks after I parked it, i put in gas stabilizer in the gas tank as I knew it was probably going to sit all winter. At one point last summer the wave runner did take on water as I forgot to close the valve in the back, it was a pain in the ass but we got it running again, although it was really never the same, it sputtered at times and it didn't feel like it had the power it had before that happened. This is my first pwc and I am not all that familiar with the inner workings of the motor, any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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