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Carburetor Drilled Return Pressure Balancing Modification GPR, XLT, GP, SUV, etc.

above is the drilled return mod link. now you'll see its talking about the 1200 but this work also for the 800 you just change the jet size in the return line to an 87.5.
this a very easy mod with lots of benefits. get the jet and your mikuni carb kits from use only mikuni kits. and i suggest you reuse your existing needle seat spring unless your equipped to measure pop-off pressures. the needle seat size is 1.2mm from factory. the accelerator pump diaphragm you can get at SBT.

the expansion chamber will come off in the machine. remove the clamps for the boot at front of the motor. slide the outer boot toward the exhaust port side and remove the chamber side inner clamp. remove the 4 bolts holding the lifting loops to the head. loosen the 2 nuts on studs that go through those loops. behind the loops down on the side of the jugs remove the 2 bolts down there. at the rear of the motor loosen the exit clamp. remove the stanchion at the rear of the motor completely. this will allow enough room to remove the chamber from the ski. oh forgot there is a coolant hose toward the rear top of the chamber. and a grease line somewhere close to that line also.
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