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I am facing a situation and would very much appreciate your help.

I am the owner of a Jet Ski model Yamaha FX 1100 that I bought directly from a Yamaha agent in 2007. Only a few months after I bought it I noticed having water on all 4 sparkplugs. Every time I checked my spark plugs during the year 2008 there was water on them. By the end of the year 2009 I had started to get a lot of rust on the screwing holes of the spark plugs and several times during this year I had to change sparkplugs because it wasn’t working properly.

Mars 2009 I left my Jet Ski for the yearly service with my Yamaha dealer and then explained the problem I had. The only thing they did was to put silicon around the spark plugs telling me to never open them again. So I followed their instructions and never opened the spark plugs again, In 2009 I used the Jet ski only 3 times (about 5 hours).

In January 2010 I received a letter from Yamaha’s head office informing that there is a possible problem with the cooler system of the model FX 1100. I have bought the Jet ski in Greece and have made a translation on the letter for you to see.

Dear Owner of FX 1100,

We are informing you that Yamaha and Motodinamiki AEE in Greece have been judging as necessary the inspection for the replacement of a possible technical fail of the cooler system pipe attachment on the sea vehicles FX 1100 (A).

More specifically, the factory of YMC (Yamaha Motor Corporation Ltd) informed us about the possibility of disconnection of the cooler pipes above the multiple exhaust manifold gaskets of the sea vehicles FX 1100 (A). This can happen after an extending use of the vehicle creating an infiltration of water in the engine room, resulting the turn off of the engine.

In order to insure the good functioning of your sea vehicle, please contact asap a Yamaha dealer (shop or an authorized service garage) that is serving you, for the replacement of the necessary spare parts with other improved ones. The specific work is under the warranty and the related expenses are fully covered by Yamaha, without you been charged.

What I need to understand is if there is a possibility that it has been harming any parts of the engine in the Jet Ski when having water in the sparkplugs for over 2 years. In my opinion it is impossible to know if there has been any rust or if any other harm has been done in the engine.

We will never know if the engine isn’t opened and checked. The Yamaha dealer refuses to open the engine and have a look and guarantees me that there cannot be any problem in the engine.

It is hard for me to believe that they can be 100% sure in this case.

My Jet Ski might work perfectly fine now but what ensure me that will not have a more serious problem in the nearest years because of rust starting to build up somewhere. Let me mention as well that the last time I used the Jet Ski it worked fine in the water but did never start again when I needed to flush the cooler system with sweet water the same day after using it.

I would need a professional and honest opinion on this matter as I am thinking of having a lawyer getting involved. Could you please let me know your opinion about that.

Thank you very much in advance

Christian Souliotis
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