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:ranton: I just read through your whole boring RANT! Basically you have a 1 in a million catastrophic engine failure. It takes Yamaha all of 3 days to agree to repair the ski. Then it takes 10 more days for your dealer to receive all the needed parts. Total time from the day that the ski breaks until your dealer gets all the parts for the repair = less than 2 weeks.


Why couldn't your old man ride one of your other 10 skis..............YEA Right!

Idiots like you are never happy unless the rest of the world is basking in your glow. Yamaha is celebrating your departure............don't let the door hit you on the way out! :rantoff:
What is this that crap hole pwctoday? I agree with you that two weeks to turn around a completly blown 4 stroke is indeed impresive but there is no need to insult the guy.

A few years ago I waited almost 3 months, yes 3 MONTHS! for a dealer to rebuilt a 3 cylinder Yami 2 stroke for me.:mad::thumbsdown:
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