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Gday all, today i took my ski out for the very 1st time in 9mths...very well maintained & only 64hrs on it...Its a Yamaha GP200R 2001 Model
Riding along for about 5mins no probs then started shutting down...Let it sit for 2 mins starts up again then go 200m and shuts down again...Now when it shuts down i have no crank (Like battery Dead)...Brand new battery in it and all terminals are tight..After it sits for 2mins it starts with plenty of battery crank...Weird...

The only thing ive done of recent is put 3 new plugs in it and replaced the battery.

Fuel is on, all battery connections are tight...Goes well..

Dont know if its a heating problem, exhaust, carb issue or what...

All help is much appreciated..

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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