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Yamaha GP1300R Throttle Cable Adjustment

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I have had this problem for 2 years with my idle and I finally figured out my problem. There are 2 adjustments of the throttle cable.
1. On the Handle

2. Lower down near the jet pump (I had to remove the plastic shield)

My idle is back to normal finally. But I think the battery died with my attempts adjusting the idle.

Question to you: If my battery is dying or is low would it sound like this? (I included a video of my attempting to start it)
YouTube - GP1300R Starting problem

It was running fine but I accidently over tightned the idle screw and it reved up really high. I then shut off the engine immediately. Meanwhile water was still flowing in from the garden hose (about 2 mins while the engine was off). Could this have caused the engine to be "flooded"
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yes you just flooded your motor full of water
This is a stupid question but.
When your in the water doesn't it fill with water? or is it a seperate part?
Today it started but revved really high, which then I shut it off. I think I need to readjust the throttle.
Well it started today but now I have a new problem. Not only does it not idle ( I guess I have to play around with the cable some more) But after it shuts off sometimes it revs all the way up really high.

what could make it rev soo high periodicaly and right after restart?>
Well I just found out its going to cost me $1200 to fix. They said it was the Crank case gasket? It was letting in air and not allowing it to idle properly. THe crank was replaced in 2005 and I am certain when yamaha replaced it they didn't do something right the first time. Now my warranty is up. Do you think they will cover it even though the warranty is up. They were the ones that installed the new crank.

Any sugestions?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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