Jetski will be at Port Neches OPC Race in Port Arthur April 30, May 1
It is a original GP1200R jetski that had the 2 stroke engine removed
And a Yamaha FXSHO 4 stroke engine installed and tuned by
Well renowned Ben Herman in 2020. This engine has a new Fizzle Y1000 intercooler
With a Tial BOV. Impros Repitched YF-CD 14/24. The engine ignition was tuned by Deans Performance.
Candoo GPS Speedometer
This jetski goes a real GPS 86 mph and accelerates so fast you better be
Holding on really tight. I even bought a 100 mph lifejacket. This jetski
Is a transition from 60 mph jetski to this 86 mph jetski. With Sponson all the way down 82.84 mph.
You have to get used to this extra speed and acceleration before you change the supercharger
Wheel and step into the mid 90 mph range.
With the proper supercharger wheel and proper ignition and fuel tuning.
The jetski has a fuel pressure gauge on the left side and afr gauge on the
Right side to give you the information you need.
This ski has custom steering and a modified ride plate and sponsons.Nice ski.
New Lithium Shoria LFX27A3-BS12 Battery
Cover and Triton Aluminum trailer.
The sale price is $11,300 OBO
No Scams.
Deposit Initial and Cash on Delivery in Spring Branch TX
82.84 mph Sponsons All the way down