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Hi folks first post and new to the Forum so Hi there.

I am in the process of a rebuild of the Marine Jet 500t I know there are a few bits missing. Machine looks tight and I am hopeful of finish close to mid march time/parts allowing.

Based in the UK.

My question is where can I get the best reference manuals for this model so I can check on some location points and parts missing etc?

Are there any dealers in the UK that can be recomended for spare parts?

Whats the situation on Insurance if using in Canal/River/lake and Coastal waters - I am close to Mid / North Wales Coast and being a bike enthusiast have had enough agro with the old bill so don't want to see them following me into the water with petty issues?

Anyone on here got one that may be able to offer a few pointers and maybe photo's for reference?

I am into motorbike rebuilds so see no major hangups with this model plus I like the fact that it is a bit of an old Dinosaur in the Waverunner family - but it does look simple to use:laugh:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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