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Hi folks,

I just got a PWC for free. It seems nice and in well shape except for the engine.

It´s a Chinese copy of a Wave Runner GP800R, branded Shenqibao.

The problem was that it didn't worked so well for the previous owner, and I took a compression test, 8 kg on one ande none on the other.
Removed the head and I found out that one piston didn't looked so well, with big marks at the top of the piston.

I don't now which way to go?
Change the pistons and gaskets (provided that the rest is OK) or do a engine swap?

If a engine swap is the best, where's the best place to find a OEM Yamaha engine that can be shipped to Sweden and doesn't cost a fortune ?
In Sweden there's not so many of these Wave Runners and even fever of the engines.

The Chinese engine (and the whole PWC) seems to be an exact copy of Yamaha's, referring to my workshop manual for the Yamaha Wave Runner GP800R, so if I'll go
´´the changing parts way´´, I'll buy them for the Yamaha.

Best regards
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