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Hey guys,

I'm having some trouble with a Yamaha WB760V waveBlaster II jet ski.

First of all it takes a few tries (maybe 5/6) to get the engine to turn over.

Once its idling, I feel as though there is something wrong with the throttle.

If the throttle is slightly squeezed in it runs at slow speed (which is normal).

However when the throttle is held at half capacity nothing happens until about 5 seconds later when the power is increased dramastically. There seems to be some sort of 'lag'. Once this surge of power exists there is no difference between that and full throttle.

I've lubricated the throttle wire at the handle and the throttle in the engine bay. Also opened up the air intake and made sure nothing was blocking it.

The throttle seems to control the air intake perfectly so i'm almost sure thats not the problem.

My next guess would be the fuel pump seeing there is this sort of 'lag'.

Im heading home tomorrow afternoon and would really appreciate some advice by then.

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks guys
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