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Have a 1999 XL1200 that when I went to commission it this year, it turned over initially and then I heard a clank, and the starter seemed to be frozen. At first, my diagnosis indicated no power to starter. I determined the start relay in the CDI had burned out. I opened up the leads on the starter relay and hooked up a portable solenoid switch jumper cable up to test the starter. It seems to be locked up which I must assume is the reason for the defective starter switch.

I don't have a clue what the "clank" was. I can't afford to turn it over to a dealer to take the starter out & diagnose further, nor is a nearly 10 year old ski probably worth it IF TAKING THE STARTER OUT IS AS INVOLVED AS IT APPEARS?

I have service manual and it appears that nearly everything has to come off the left side of the engine to get to it.

My first question is: Do you think its just the starter, or would the "Clank" indicate a probability of a more serious issue? If the starter itself is highly suspect, what all has to come off to get to it? Does the engine have to come out?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Scott Frey
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