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Hi! I am looking to get my third pwc, and maybe second XL700...the price is really low.

The problem is,owner said: "shaft bearing overheats after 15 minutes idling on hose,the engine just turns off and you cannot spin it with hand,I leave it for 1 minute,and after 1 minute i take out plugs and it spins normally on starter.You should change shaft bearing and is good to go."

Owner bought it out of water,so the behaviour while it is in water is not known :)

I measured compression:

PTO 140psi
Magneto 145 psi

First thing that flashes on my mind "15 minutes on hose"...seems like something overheats and only concern that it is not the crankshaft bearings because i want to buy it for a spare engine.

I will wait for reply from more experienced members :)

Thanks in advance.
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