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once again the Yankees into the playoffs is worth celebrating, but the costs of the players could not erase 100 years later. According to professional baseball statistics web site “Baseball Reference” analysis, the Yankees are proud of the “diamond wire,” as much as 7 were single-season strikeouts 98 times, “Diamond” moment into a “K gold”, tied to Milwaukee brewing wine in the record set two years ago. reebok nfl jersey

Yankees this season as the team was 1136 times the number of strikeouts, ranked only in all 18 major league, and ranked first, and the Diamondbacks Major League record breaking 1529 times the distance there is not a small segment, but was struck out in more than 98 players are up to 7; rattlesnake was dubbed “the blind artillery brigade,” and suffering from the number in the 98 K or more, one less surprising than the Yankees, see “K Gold 7 male,” the ball selection have to be improved.

But which left the Yankees seven dragon is not a glorious record it? They are A-Rod (98), Posada (Jorge Posada, 99), Gardner (Brett Gardner, 101), (Derek Jeter, 106), Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson, 116), Mark Teixeira (Mark Teixeira, 122) and Nick Swisher (Nick Swisher, 139) times. These people are striking out a total of 781 times, accounting for the total number of 6 to 9 about the team.
More good news is that, even if the Yankees are K times more capacity there is a certain strength of selection, the number of these 7 individuals were recommended for admission in more than 50 times the lowest on-base percentage of 3 players are captain Derek Jeter into the 40, still higher than the average American League value of 3 into 27 is also high, and in addition Gude Na, the other six home runs in double-digit count, showing a long fight is still a certain degree of ability.

This season the defending army the last few games more aliasing, the biggest reason is that the situation pitching than last year, the rotation remaining Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) a person up the scene, this time is the need to combat to make amends, if and dual City of War, hit the ball further into the myth of line selection, if the pitcher is still disappointing with only last year won the World Series teams scenery probably say goodbye in the first round. nfl jerseys wholesale china
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