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I have a 92 xp that the previous owner put a yellow 587 in and couldn’t get it running. After reading every post I could find I changed the flywheel to a white one off a 95 SP and got a 4 wire stator from eBay and it starts and runs but won’t rev up.

I verified TDC with a dial gauge and backed flywheel off 0.104” as per manual for the white engine since I now have white electronics and marked timing mark but (according to my measurements and timing light) the timing is still way to advanced even though I have stator all the way retarded.

I should mention the flywheel mag housing / casing is still the yellow one in case it needs to be white too?

If so, I dont have a white one so can I simply bore out stator holes to be able to spin it more to further retard timing?

Also worth mentioning is I dont see timing advance when engine revs up.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
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